A forehead lift or a brow lift is a plastic surgical procedure that helps correct drooping brows, minimizing the furrows and frown lines on the forehead and reducing some of the upper eyelid excesses.

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When it comes to the aesthetic imperfections of the nose, the most commonly reported concerns are size, shape, straightness, and overall elegance. In addition to these, there are many other reasons why people choose to have rhinoplasty. Cosmetic nasal surgery is one of the more difficult surgical procedures that one can have on the face. For one thing, the nose is a central feature of the face and flaws are more noticeable and harder to conceal than other imperfections. Equally important, rhinoplasty itself is difficult because it requires an understanding of how the external appearance will change given modifications of the internal bone and cartilage framework.

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A mini facelift is a version of a facelift that concentrates on the cheek and jowls and is generally performed on younger patients than those who undergo a full facelift (that includes the neck). The procedure typically uses incisions inside and in front of the ears.

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Plastic surgery on the nose, or rhinoplasty, may be performed to improve the size/shape/elegance of the nose or to improve breathing…OR both.

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The shape of the nose depends on the bone and cartilage skeleton and the skin that drapes over it. Rhinoplasty is the surgical intervention that modifies the underlying bone and cartilage architecture.

Also known as a nose job, rhinoplasty is one of the more difficult cosmetic surgical procedures to perform. Every nose is different and everyone has different goals. The thickness of the nasal skin is one factor that affects the outcome and must be considered in the surgeon’s operative plan.

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Many people assume that celebrities get exclusive nose jobs that deliver them better outcomes than the rest of us. Patients often visit surgeons who specialize in cosmetic surgery with photographs of celebrities and say things like, “I want a tip just like hers”, or “This is the nose that I want”.

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