Rhinoplasty improves the aesthetic appearance of the nose, balancing your facial features and providing a more pleasing appearance. The vast majority of people who decide to have a nose job want the procedure to introduce subtle enhancements and deliver natural-looking outcomes. Almost nobody wants any indication that surgery has been performed and prefers to look as if this is the nose they always had. This explains why plastic surgery requires skill, experience, and considerable attention to detail. 

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Should teenagers get nose jobs?

Answer: Sometimes. Like many things in life, it is more complicated than Yes or No. If you add the social pressure of adolescence, high school and college to the stress that anyone, regardless of age, feels about a facial feature he/she dislikes, you can appreciate how intensely some teenagers seek rhinoplasty.

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If you are in your 40’s, are you too young for a facelift?! The truth is that, of all the things you can have injected or done to your face, a well-performed facelift is probably the most effective and actually the cheapest!. The word “facelift” scares some people; they think it means “big operation” or “I will look weird”. What if it were called a cheek lift? Or a “mini-lift?” Somehow those are less scary and, in fact, are more accurate descriptions.

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A facelift is a gold standard for rejuvenation of the aging face against which any other treatment must be compared. A properly performed facelift is the single most beneficial, long-lasting, and, considering it can be a substitute for a decade of less invasive treatments, cost-effective treatment available for the aging face.

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Botox is a popular injectable treatment used by millions of people worldwide to soften or eliminate undesirable lines that are caused by normal facial animation.  

Botox and the other neuromodulators work by causing temporary paralysis of the muscle into which they are injected for approximately 3-4 months. If the muscle cannot contract, then it cannot cause wrinkles that bother the patient.

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Rhinoplasty is a common plastic surgery procedure chosen by millions of people worldwide to improve their nasal shape. Most nose job procedures deliver the desired results. But the possibility of a revision is still there, with 5 to 10 percent of people requiring a second operation.

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