The face and neck are not only the parts of the body that the rest of the world sees but the parts that bear the brunt of our environmental exposure such as sun damage and air pollution. Those environmental factors in conjunction with the aging changes of gravitational descent (sagging), loss of skin elasticity (wrinkles), and soft tissue atrophy (hollowing) make the face and neck prime sources of concern for people, beginning in their 40’s and getting gradually more obvious as the years go by. The good news is that neck lift surgery can help alleviate these changes.

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The upper eyelid, the outer half of the brow, and the forehead all relax and descend with age. How do you know if you need an operation on the upper lid (blepharoplasty) or an operation on the brow (lateral brow lift) or BOTH? If you lift up the outer half of your brow with your finger, you will see that the amount of excess upper eyelid skin is reduced, indicating that there is a relationship between the brow position and the amount of excess upper eyelid skin. The surgeon must determine whether the main problem is the lid or the brow or both, and recommend a procedure accordingly.  

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Drooping eyebrows are a common sign of aging that affects almost everyone. The eyes are a prominent facial feature that plays a critical role in how we are perceived. Drooping eyebrows often suggest fatigue or unhappiness, even if we feel fine on the inside.  

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A smooth neck that is separated from the cheeks by a distinct jawline is a sign of youth. The neck tends to lose definition with age, accumulating excess fat, redundant and hyperactive muscle, and excess skin under the chin.  The neck lift is a plastic surgical procedure that removes excess skin from the neck, tightens the underlying muscle, and removes excess fat. In some cases, prominent submandibular salivary glands are partially removed to increase the definition of the neck. Also, there are some patients who, even in youth, do not have a well-defined neck and may pursue the procedure at a young age.

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The mini facelift is a less extensive procedure than a full cheek and neck lift (aka traditional facelift). The incision is shorter and is almost completely within and in front of the ear with no (or almost no) extension behind the ear. The main indication for the mini facelift is the presence of early jowls. As a general rule, mini lifts are best utilized on younger people with early aging changes, who still have a youthful neck. 

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A brow lift is a plastic surgical procedure that is meant to improve both the position and shape of aging or sagging eyebrows. Various surgical approaches are available, depending on the gender of the patient, the amount of elevation required and the surgeon’s and patient’s preference.

Some misconceptions are that:

  • The whole brow gets lower with age
  • An elevated brow is always more attractive.

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