Gravity, sun damage and unfavorable genetics can alter your forehead and brow and make your face look serious, angry and/or tired. Fortunately, several surgical procedures are available to address these changes and rejuvenate the upper face.

Most people think that the brow inevitably falls with age. The truth is that the inner half of the brow usually does not drop, and can even get higher with age. The outer half of the brow definitely falls with age and the change in shape that results from the outer brow falling more than the inner brow, results in a tired, less attractive brow shape. So it’s really the SHAPE of the brow that is more important than the HEIGHT.

In addition, the brow deflates and gets flatter to the skull (the same way other parts of our bodies deflate) and this removes youthful curvature and contour from the face.

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A traditional facelift is best at improving the jowls/jawline and the neck. To achieve better results higher in the face such as the cheekbone area and the areas at the junction of the lower eyelids and the cheeks, more is required.

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Crooked noses are common and they come in all shapes and sizes. Your nose is considered crooked if it doesn’t follow a straight, vertical line down the center of your face when viewed from the front. It may be curved to the right or left of your face. The crookedness may involve the bony portion in the upper part of the nose or maybe mainly in the lower part of the nose involving the nasal tip.

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Liquid rhinoplasty, or non-surgical nose job, has become a popular form of treatment that gives your nose a temporary improvement in appearance. It is an effective technique for patients who are willing to return for injections of filler twice a year or who would like to get a temporary idea of what the result of a permanent, standard rhinoplasty might be.

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Commonly known as a nose job, rhinoplasty is one of the most common New York plastic surgery procedures today. It improves the appearance of the nose as well as breathing problems in some individuals. 

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All surgical procedures come with a risk of complications, and facelifts are no different. Luckily facelifting has become a standard, reliable procedure so complications do not occur frequently. If you are thinking of getting a facelift, you should be aware of the kinds of complications that may arise, how often they occur and how best to avoid them. So what types of complications can occur?

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