Gravity, sun damage and unfavorable genetics can alter your forehead and brow and make your face look serious, angry and/or tired. Fortunately, several surgical procedures are available to address these changes and rejuvenate the upper face.

Most people think that the brow inevitably falls with age. The truth is that the inner half of the brow usually does not drop, and can even get higher with age. The outer half of the brow definitely falls with age and the change in shape that results from the outer brow falling more than the inner brow, results in a tired, less attractive brow shape. So it’s really the SHAPE of the brow that is more important than the HEIGHT.

In addition, the brow deflates and gets flatter to the skull (the same way other parts of our bodies deflate) and this removes youthful curvature and contour from the face.

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The upper eyelid, the outer half of the brow, and the forehead all relax and descend with age. How do you know if you need an operation on the upper lid (blepharoplasty) or an operation on the brow (lateral brow lift) or BOTH? If you lift up the outer half of your brow with your finger, you will see that the amount of excess upper eyelid skin is reduced, indicating that there is a relationship between the brow position and the amount of excess upper eyelid skin. The surgeon must determine whether the main problem is the lid or the brow or both, and recommend a procedure accordingly.  

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Botox is a popular injectable treatment used by millions of people worldwide to soften or eliminate undesirable lines that are caused by normal facial animation.  

Botox and the other neuromodulators work by causing temporary paralysis of the muscle into which they are injected for approximately 3-4 months. If the muscle cannot contract, then it cannot cause wrinkles that bother the patient.

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A brow lift is a plastic surgical procedure that is meant to improve both the position and shape of aging or sagging eyebrows. Various surgical approaches are available, depending on the gender of the patient, the amount of elevation required and the surgeon’s and patient’s preference.

Some misconceptions are that:

  • The whole brow gets lower with age
  • An elevated brow is always more attractive.

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Drooping eyebrows are a common sign of aging that affects almost everyone. The eyes are a prominent facial feature that plays a critical role in how we are perceived. Drooping eyebrows often suggest fatigue or unhappiness, even if we feel fine on the inside.  

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