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Gravity, sun damage and unfavorable genetics can alter your forehead and brow and make your face look serious, angry and/or tired. Fortunately, several surgical procedures are available to address these changes and rejuvenate the upper face.

Most people think that the brow inevitably falls with age. The truth is that the inner half of the brow usually does not drop, and can even get higher with age. The outer half of the brow definitely falls with age and the change in shape that results from the outer brow falling more than the inner brow, results in a tired, less attractive brow shape. So it’s really the SHAPE of the brow that is more important than the HEIGHT.

In addition, the brow deflates and gets flatter to the skull (the same way other parts of our bodies deflate) and this removes youthful curvature and contour from the face.

What is a brow lift?

A browlift used to involve raising the entire brow but because of the brow shape mentioned above, modern browlifts usually only raise the outer portion of the brow. Of course there are exceptions but for most people the LATERAL Browlift, or lifting of the outer brow, is the procedure of choice. Also known as a forehead lift, forehead rejuvenation, or browplasty, an eyebrow lift will also reduce the hooding of the outer portion of the upper eyelid.  

How is the eyebrow lift procedure performed?

A surgical browlift requires an incision that is made either at the hairline or within the hair. You might think that an incision in the hair is better, and sometimes it is, but it has disadvantages as well. A browlift with an incision in the hair raises the height of the forehead which will not be the best choice for people with high foreheads. It also leaves a small bald spot in the hair which may not be the best choice for people with thinning hair. The incision AT the hairline, leaves the height of the forehead unchanged but the reddish healing incision may be visible for several weeks. The benefit of the hairline incision is that the scar eventually becomes invisible, the hairline is not altered, there is no bald spot and the effectiveness of the lift is better than when an incision in the hair is used. The third option for lifting the brow, usually confined to men with heavy forehead creases, is to remove skin from just above the outer eyebrow. The incision tends to heal beautifully and be invisible in that type of wrinkled skin.

Who can have a brow lift?

Most people can benefit from a brow lift when they age because the outer portion of the brow falls in almost everyone eventually. It then becomes a decision of how much it bothers you and if you wish to have a surgical procedure to improve it. Depending on gender, hair pattern/style, forehead height, skin type and patient preference, a decision is made about which incision is best for you.

Summary of Browlift choices

Younger women with thick hair, short foreheads and darker skin types: Incision within the hair.

Older women with thin hair, high foreheads and lighter skin types: Hairline incision

Older men with wrinkled foreheads and lighter skin types: Direct skin excision from just above the outer portion of the brow. 

Consult a Board-Certified NYC Plastic Surgeon

An eyebrow lift can give you a more youthful and refreshed look if the best approach is chosen. Therefore, you should seek advice from an experienced plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Schedule an in-person or virtual consultation with Dr. Thorne today.

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