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Crooked noses are common and they come in all shapes and sizes. Your nose is considered crooked if it doesn’t follow a straight, vertical line down the center of your face when viewed from the front. It may be curved to the right or left of your face. The crookedness may involve the bony portion in the upper part of the nose or maybe mainly in the lower part of the nose involving the nasal tip.

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One of the most common reasons for seeking rhinoplasty advice from a plastic surgeon is the concern about a “hook nose.” These patients are generally more concerned with their appearance in profile rather than when viewed from the front. Patients often say, “I hate to be photographed from the side.” Correcting the hooked nose is a standard part of many rhinoplasty procedures and it is one of the maneuvers that is associated with the happiest patients! “You have changed my life,” or “I never thought I could look this good” are common statements from patients who have this particular “deformity” corrected by a nose job.

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Commonly known as a nose job, rhinoplasty is one of the most common New York plastic surgery procedures today. It improves the appearance of the nose as well as breathing problems in some individuals. 

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Rhinoplasty is a popular plastic surgery procedure for improving the appearance of the nose. It changes the shape of your nose by correcting issues such as a hump, a wide or large nose, or a plunging nasal tip. Rhinoplasty can also be combined with septoplasty or turbinectomy to improve breathing difficulties and this is where insurance comes in.

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Liquid rhinoplasty, or non-surgical nose job, has become a popular form of treatment that gives your nose a temporary improvement in appearance. It is an effective technique for patients who are willing to return for injections of filler twice a year or who would like to get a temporary idea of what the result of a permanent, standard rhinoplasty might be.

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Rhinoplasty or nose job is a standard plastic surgical procedure that helps refine nasal aesthetics and/or improves problems with breathing. Although a safe and routine practice, the nose job requires a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon to maximize the chance of achieving your goal and minimizing any complications. 

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