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The degree of crookedness can be dramatic or extremely subtle. In some cases, a crooked nose may also be associated with breathing difficulties. In other cases, the nose is simply crooked, and the breathing is normal. Some people have crooked noses as a result of injuries. And others have crooked noses since birth.

Permanent improvement to the crooked nose requires surgery. Temporary improvements can be provided by the injection of fillers. We will discuss below the causes and treatments for the crooked nose.

Most people have heard the term deviated septum. The septum is simply a partition between the two nostrils, just like a wall that divides two rooms, and extends all the way back to the throat. The septum can be bent or it may be mostly straight but pushed off the midline of the face.  Since the septum divides the two airways, depending on the type of deviation, it may also narrow one or both airways and cause significant breathing problems. Patients with deviated septums that affect breathing typically snore loudly and consistently and are aware that their nasal breathing is restricted.

How to fix a crooked nose: Non-surgical Treatment

Soft tissue fillers work best for a slightly crooked nose. Filling the off-center, soft tissue areas of your nose with injectable materials can camouflage the crookedness. The problem with fillers is that they are not permanent and will only last 6 months at the maximum in this location.

How to fix a crooked nose: Surgical Treatment

Surgery is recommended for more severe cases or when the patient desires a permanent improvement. Patients should be aware that it is often impossible to make a severely crooked nose completely straight, but surgery can often provide significant improvement in the crookedness.

The surgical procedure is called septoplasty. Septoplasty removes and/or repositions the crooked parts of the septum. It is performed under general anesthesia and takes 1-2 hours. If the crookedness is associated with breathing problems, the insurance may help with the costs of the procedure.

Let the Best Plastic Surgeon in NYC Help Straighten Your Crooked Nose

If you are not happy with your crooked nose, you may want to seek a consultation with an expert plastic surgeon with experience in rhinoplasty.  

Dr. Charles Thorne has more than 30 years of experience in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery and would be happy to care for you. Contact us now to schedule a virtual consultation with an NYC board-certified plastic surgeon today.

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