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Rhinoplasty or nose job is a standard plastic surgical procedure that helps refine nasal aesthetics and/or improves problems with breathing. Although a safe and routine practice, the nose job requires a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon to maximize the chance of achieving your goal and minimizing any complications. 

Generally, rhinoplasty is suitable for any adult who wants to undergo the procedure and for some patients under the age of 18, but many people wonder, what is the best age to get the surgery?

Lower Age Limit 

Rhinoplasty is suitable for individuals who have achieved skeletal maturity, meaning that they have stopped growing and their noses have stopped changing. The average age of reaching full nasal maturity is 15 years of age for girls and a few years older than that for boys. That being said, there are selected occasions when someone who is still growing is a candidate for rhinoplasty but the above ages represent reasonable guidelines.

Lower Age Limit Exception

Young people with congenital facial defects, such as a cleft lip, have nasal deformities and are exempt from the lower age limit for rhinoplasty. A cleft lip causes major asymmetry of the nose and the first procedure on the lip and nose may be performed at 3 months of age. Obviously, this is a special situation and not what most people think about when they inquire about a rhinoplasty.

Upper Age Limit 

There is no upper age limit for undergoing rhinoplasty. Beginning with the second decade of life, there are patients in every decade of life who desire rhinoplasty. The classic examples are the teenager who wants to look better before college, the patient in the 20s who wants to look better before a wedding, a patient in the 30s who has always wanted the procedure but never had the financial ability prior to that, a patient in the 40s who is divorced and is re-entering the dating pool, etc. And many patients consider rhinoplasty part of the rejuvenation they want to pursue along with treatment of other aging changes. Having a rhinoplasty is a common procedure to have at the same time as a facelift, for example. Many patients feel that their nasal tip has drooped with age, making a nasal tip-plasty a reasonable component of facial rejuvenation.  

It is a rare patient who is not a candidate for rhinoplasty for medical reasons. Occasionally a patient will be on medications to thin the blood because of a history of clotting and those patients may not be acceptable candidates for nose jobs.

It is also important to be emotionally sound and have realistic expectations . Rhinoplasty will bring about certain permanent changes to your nose and facial shape. Some people may find it difficult to accept the changes immediately after the surgery. Being emotionally mature will help you embrace those changes over time.

While rhinoplasty will probably boost your confidence, it is important to understand that your nose will never look exactly like the ideal you envision before the surgery. If you will only be happy with one particular nose after surgery, then you might not be a realistic candidate!

Consult a Plastic Surgeon

It is crucial to consult a plastic surgeon with experience to determine your candidacy for the nose job. A good surgeon will thoroughly examine your nose and overall health and then tell you if it is a good idea for you to undergo rhinoplasty. 

Dr. Charles Thorne is a leading plastic surgeon with three decades of professional experience. Schedule an online consultation with Dr. Thorne to discuss your candidacy for a nose job.

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