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What are you looking for in your rhinoplasty? Everyone is different and every nose is different, but there are a few things that MOST people have in common. Most patients want to look more elegant or more handsome, but they don't want people to say, "Hey, you had a nose job." They want the nose to fit the face so that other people are attracted to the whole face, not the surgery! The other thing almost all female patients say is, "I don't want a tiny, turned up nose."


The goal of the rhinoplasty consultation is to determine what you, the patient, want and to determine to what extent it is surgically achievable. The goal of the surgery, then, is to deliver the changes that you and I have agreed upon in the pre-operative visits.


Rhinoplasty technique has changed over the last two decades. The current philosophy is to preserve more nasal tissue and more nasal function than in the past. The shape of the nose is determined primarily by bone in the upper part of the nose and cartilage in the nasal tip. These structures are modified surgically in order to change the shape of the nose.

Breathing problems

Patients who have difficulty breathing are examined to determine if anything surgical can be done to improve the situation. If so, your insurance company may help with the cost of the airway portion of the procedure. They will NOT help you with the cosmetic portion of the procedure.

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