Dear Dr. Thorne and Fabulous staff,
I am grateful to you for all you have done for us... Kindness, generosity, patience, professionalism, talent, expertise, and compassion... and your smile.

Again, thank you.
V and M

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Dr. Thorne and staff,
I am writing to thank you again for your exceptional skill and professionalism. I take great satisfaction in wearing your artistry day in and day out.

Dr. Thorne,
Just a short note to thank you for all the caring and concern that you have shown me. It puts my mind at ease knowing that your always there for me. I'm so lucky to have you as my #1 doctor.



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Dr. Thorne,
Just a short note to tell you how much I appreciate the beautiful job you did with my nose. It was wonderful meeting such a fine doctor & gentleman. The world does give back some tremendous people.
Thank you again!
Fondly, J. G

Dear Dr. Thorne,
I just returned from Florida and I have made my six month post-op appointment. (slightly late) for June 13. I do wish to thank you & your staff so much again for your kind treatment, and to thank you of course for your patience, talent, and expertise. My family in Florida were very impressed & say I look the way I did "a while ago", only better!
Looking forward to seeing you,


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testimonial4Click to Enlarge Dear Dr. Thorne,
Other then our parents, there is no other person on this earth who has had a greater impact on our lives At a time when we most desperately needed it, you restored our faith.. Your quiet confidence & compassion has changed all of our lives. Words alone will never capture our sincerest gratitude


Dr. Thorne & Staff,
Happy Holidays! I still remember how pleasant you all are to deal with. You have such a caring, competent practice.


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Dr. Thorne,
I want to thank you for the fabulous job you did. I'm really thrilled. People say I look 10 years younger, and I've gotten many compliments. Women ask me if it hurt. My honest answer is "not a bit", which still surprises me.

Your work is greatly appreciated,
B. A

Dear Charlie,
With apologies for the ridiculously long delay, many, many thanks for your kindness, generosity and, most of all, your great work. I'm, very pleased with my "improvements" and really can't thank you enough for making it all so easy. We are both forever indebted.

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